High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) + Circuit Training:

Boost your metabolism, burn calories, gain strength and build lean muscle mass in just 45 Minutes with our action packed HIIT Circuit Training classes. These classes are designed to maximize fitness results in minimal time, while having tons of fun.

During these classes, 20 workout stations are set up around the gym. Each station has a different exercise and students will spend 1 minute at each station followed by 30 seconds of active rest, before moving to the next station. Feel the explosive energy and music pumping as you move from station to station melting calories and building strength.

Fitness Boxing and Kickboxing Circuit:

Love the circuit format but want to stay on the punching bags? This unique fitness kickboxing and boxing circuit training class is for you! During these classes students rotate between 15 heavy bag stations. Each station consists of a different boxing or kickboxing exercise, technique, or combination on the bag. Students spend 1 minute at each station followed by 30 seconds of body weight exercises and 30 seconds recovery between stations.

Here’s what to expect in a HIIT + Circuit Training Class:

  • Class led by a trained instructor of the 1MR curriculum
  • Full-body workout
  • Action-packed, energetic and high-intensity environment
  • Individualized feedback
  • Motivating atmosphere
  • High quality equipment
  • Emphasis on proper technique and form

Benefits of HIIT + Circuit Training Class:

Burn calories

Gain strength

Build lean muscle mass

Increase energy

Feel great

Increase coordination

Better sleep

Increased metabolism