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We want everyone's experience to be the best it can be. For that we need your help following a few simple rules. And because this is so important as it affects everyone (as in others than yourself) we have to put in measures for those that "forget" so our community can keep doing what we all enjoy.


Respect your Team Mates

The most important rule of all - 1MR prides itself on being non-judgmental all inclusive environment and we mean it! Let's make everyone feel welcome and comfortable in our 1MR community. Any behavior to the contrary will not be tolerated.

Class Registration

Members must register in advance for classes. It's disrespectful especially if you take a registered member spot, as well as classes are planned around numbers (especially Burn & Box). Showing up for a class that you are not signed up will be charged $25. Sorry, not sorry.

Arrive on Time

Allow enough time before class to change, put on hand wraps, check in, socialize, choose a bag suitable and stretch. Yes, warm ups are hard but skipping or skimming them won't get you stronger. Never mind it's distracting to coaches and members. In order to ensures that the flow of the class is not disrupted 1MR reserves the right to not allow late entry. 

Class Cancellations

Opting out of class needs to be done minimum 2 hours before class start time or else it will be counted as a No Show and be deducted from class credits. 2 hours is more than reasonable to know if you plan to come. And you might be taking up a spot from someone that couldn't get in. No Shows may be subject to a $15 No Show Fee.

Class Check In

Make sure to check in on your class booking software when arriving to class. Please note that this is different from registering for the class. Click on the check in tab on your software when you arrive, to check in. If you do not check in the class will appear as a no show on your attendance record. See Above. Also, note that in order to progress to Drills Class you need a proper attendance record.

Monthly Allotted Classes

Your monthly class cycle is calculated based on when you signed up/billing date, not on the calendar month. This means that if you signed up on the 15th of the month your monthly class allotment would be from the 15th until the 15th of the following month. If you would like to add classes to your monthly credits pls speak with the Front desk for options.

Personal Hygiene & Equipment Cleanliness

Please ensure to be mindful of your personal hygiene and equipment cleanliness while attending class. Clean workout clothing, deodorant, clean hand wraps and boxing gloves are important to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.


Footwear is mandatory for Burn & Box classes for safety reasons. That being said only clean non-marking indoor running or boxing shoes are permitted. 1MR reserves the right to deny the use of shoes and/or participation in class if footwear does not comply. Shoes can also be worn in Boxing classes. 

Gym Equipment Cleanliness

1MR follows the highest industry standards for gym sanitation and cleaning procedures. But we can't do it all on our own. Make sure to utilize cleaning station to wipe down your bag after every class. And if you are one to sweat more than others, we love that you are working extra hard, but make sure to bring a personal towel (we sell great ones) as well as give your spot an extra floor wipe down after class. 

Before you Leave the Gym

We know you worked hard, we know you are tired but please take a look around to see you didn't forget any belongings before heading out the door. We love having you, but don't love your laundry as much, so make sure to take it with you. And same with water bottles, gloves etc. 1MR has a lost & found and we will notify publicly before tossing out member's equipment, but we are not responsible for items left in the gym.

Before you Leave

We are always sad to see members go, but we know life gets in the way sometimes. Cancellations or Pausing memberships can only be done in person and with proper medical documentation (for pausing). Unfortunately, a text or email just won't cut it, so be sure to visit the Front Desk if you really must. We really do hate to see team mates go.


Let's all be good team members and have fun!

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