fitness classes in vaughan

October 12, 2022
Woman demonstrating a workout in a boxing class at 1MR in Toronto

6 Tips for Consistency & Success in Your Fitness Routine

Staying on top of your workout and fitness routine can be one of the most daunting parts about getting fit. Unfortunately, it is common for people […]
June 16, 2022
Male in his twenties punching the bag in a group boxing class at 1MR in Toronto

1MR Boxing, Kickboxing & Fitness Classes Coming to Toronto

Boxing, Kickboxing and Fitness Classes at Queen and Dufferin: 1MR One More Round is pleased to announce that we will be opening a new location at […]
January 12, 2022
Photo showing how a Muay Thai instructor demonstrates a kick in a Muay Thai class

What is Muay Thai and How is it Different from Kickboxing

Martial Arts and striking have become one of the most popular forms of fitness over the past few years. However with so many different forms of […]
December 10, 2021
Women's Boxing Class

Women’s Boxing Classes: 7 Reasons Why Women Should Give Boxing a Try!

December 8, 2021

Boxing classes: The Funnest Workout Around!

August 10, 2021
Man kicking in a kickboxing class at one more round in Woodbridge Vaughan

Benefits of Kickboxing Classes

Looking for a new way to workout? Looking to have some fun while getting in shape at the same time? Kickboxing classes are the perfect workout […]
December 11, 2020
One More Round Kickboxing - Vaughan, Woodbridge

How to Find the Right Kickboxing Gym for You

Looking for Kickboxing Classes? This blog article discusses some key points to consider when searching for the right Kickboxing Gym for you! Recently Kickboxing has become […]
May 8, 2022
Two females hitting a bag in a kickboxing fitness class at 1MR One More Round
Vaughan Fitness Classes: 5 Reasons Why Kickboxing is the Perfect Fitness Class in Vaughan
Are you looking to find an effective, fun and engaging Fitness Class in Vaughan? Check out these 5 reasons why a Kickboxing class may be the […]
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